Termcwd – a package/plugin of basic wrapper-functions to toggle your (Neo)vim terminals

I extracted and expanded a part of my (Neo)vim configuration code that quickly toggles/focuses (Neo)vim terminals for current working directories (CWDs).

The Termcwd package – link to Github repository – consists of tiny lazy loaded scripts with functions, intended to map to key shortcuts, to quickly toggle/focus your (Neo)vim terminals for the current working directory (CWD). Choose between toggling in the current window, to a top or bottom split window, or to a tab.

It’s simply the most basic of extra functionality I want to handle my terminals inside Vim. It’s nothing fancy, just vanilla Vim commands put together. No fancy layout handling (e.g. auto tackling a file tree window), perhaps more suited for those embracing a more traditional Vim way. Even though with an arguably more capable Neovim – Termcwd does include Lua wrapper-functions for Neovim.