SEO – Search Engine Optimization for the Web

An overview of how to search-engine-optimize websites

Termcwd – a package/plugin of basic wrapper-functions to toggle your (Neo)vim terminals

I extracted and expanded a part of my (Neo)vim configuration code that quickly toggles/focuses (Neo)vim terminals for current working directories (CWDs).

The best captivating complete perfect reads of selfless importance and relevance read as of April 2024

While reading through books and comics from best-of lists, the fun idea of comparing it all gave form to my own list of the best of both fiction and non-fiction books and comics.

Interface or Type Alias in Typescript—A Short Opinionated Answer

Use type aliases for immutability and consistency, but interfaces may be preferred when it comes to error messages.

Optimal og etisk web-analyse

En sammenligning av aktuelle web-analyseverktøy som respekterer personvern.

Nx300px, a breakpoint system

The simplest system for screen size breakpoints in responsive design, my Nx300px breakpoint system.

Git Worktree

As I've understood Git worktrees, there are two main workflows to use.

Floor Typography CSS 2021

Floor Typography CSS is a light library for a better default, typographic CSS meant to build on. It does a simple reset and normalize; applies a simple, default style for the few needed elements; sets a typographic vertical rythm, and; adds CSS variables for customization. Here are my thoughts on dev. moving forward.

Digitale utslipp

Ja, det digitale kan være grønnere enn en del fysiske alternativ, men ikke hvis vi overforbruker. Som alt annet kan heller ikke det digitale overforbrukes.

Parkinson: Matvett på nett

Jeg designet og utviklet et nettkurs/nettportal med fagpersoner fra Oslo og Stavanger.

Accessible Routing for Sapper

On route-change, manage focus and update an ARIA Live Region with an indication of the current page.

Anatomien av Location (URL)

Jeg kom over denne visualiseringen av en URL, noe jeg har savnet når jeg har måtte forklare oppbyggingen av en nettadresse.

Qualitative or Quantitative Design Research?

“Quantitative methods tend to tell me whether something happens and how common it is to happen, whether it's something I actually expect to see in practice commonly. Qualitative methods either both tell me new things that I didn't think about before, or give me the ‘why’ answers. If I'm trying to understand ‘why’ it is I'm seeing a phenomenon. The quantitative things—the measurements—say, ‘Yeah, there's something happening, people are finding this feature difficult.’ The qualitative thing helps me understand what it is about it that's difficult and helps me to solve it.”

Web-app for påmelding til koronatesting for UNN-ansatte

Jeg brukte Javascript-biblioteket Svelte og en sky-skjematjenestes Rest-API for å utvikle en påmeldingsløsning der UNN-ansatte kan registrere at de kommer til koronatesting.

Floor Typography CSS—A Simple Typographic ‘CSS-Floor’ That Supports Today's Web

I published a small CSS library for a typographic base to build on.

From Tromsø to Saint Petersburg to Facilitate

I travelled to Saint Petersburg to facilitate a design workshop.

Helsenorge-blogginnlegg: Spillifisering for bedre helse