Is Tailwind good for teams? CSS is good for me

I have yet to try Tailwind (on a big project), and I’ve found it tempting. I’m sure I would like many parts of it, but there’s also another config to setup and another architecture concept to keep in mind.

Post meta:

I read this post Why Tailwind Isn’t For Me, and I get the point, though it’s overly negative. I also found this elaborate pro Tailwind answer on Reddit interesting. Though, Tailwind being the future I don’t buy. If it was related to a more general concept, then maybe. For comparison, component based architecture is the future, but React isn’t necessarily the future.

For me it seems Tailwind, like most CSS frameworks, is for teams who need a simpler, but standard and consistent way of applying CSS. But unlike Bootstrap it seems to be more enjoyable for those in the team that knows CSS, and knows its limits. And it is made for a build process.

In one way it’s simpler, but it’s an extra build tool, and not a small one.

Know the pros and the cons.

Personally I like to keep it ‘simpler’ with no Tailwind. Then again I know and love CSS. But I can’t have it too simple—I need bundling of CSS imports for instance. And most of all, I need components (also Svelte removes unused CSS without CSS purge).